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Tank Sponges

Tank Sponge Eco 

Western Fuel are pleased to now offer our customers the TankSponge Eco to purchase along with their next delivery. 

The TankSponge Eco is an environmentally friendly tool designed to help prevent the build-up of water and sludge within your fuel tank and maintain the quality and efficiency of your fuel. The device consists of a hinged cage designed to hold replaceable TankSponge Eco inserts, each of which will soak up contaminated water from the bottom of your tank, whilst not soaking up any of the fuel, be that Kerosene, Gas Oil, or DERV. 


Helps Prevent Damage from Water

Water build up in tanks can occur in a variety of ways:

  • Naturally through condensation and atmospheric moisture
  • Through small undetected leaks
  • Entering the tank whilst the filler cap is open

This water build-up can lead to a variety of problems varying from the rusting and damaging of metal tanks, to the water running into the fuel lines or the boiler and causing damages which are either expensive to repair or require your boiler to be replaced. 


Maintains the Quality and Efficiency of Fuel

By helping prevent the presence of water in your tank, the TankSponge Eco also helps maintain the quality and efficiency of your fuel.

One of the ways it does this is through combatting the accumulation of harmful sludge in the bottom of your tank, your fuel to burn cleaner and more efficiently. What is more, in particularly cold conditions, the water layer in your tank can freeze inside the tank and degrade your fuel.  

Tank Sponge Eco


How It Works

You can add a TankSponge Eco to your next order from us and our driver will fit the device during your next delivery free of charge. The weighted cage sinks to the bottom of your tank whilst the attached string is tied to the top of the tank for easy retrieval. The insert inside of the cage is made of an absorbent polymer which soaks up the water sitting at the bottom of your tank but not Kerosene, Gas Oil or DERV. 

Once full the sponge will bulge inside the cage and can be removed and replaced easily with a new insert before disposing of the old insert in your general waste. The TankSponge Eco inserts are to be checked every 2 months and replaced when full or after a year of use. Replacement inserts can be purchased and delivered along with your next order from us. 



At the price of £29.40 including VAT and fitting by the driver delivering your fuel, using the TankSponge Eco is a cost-effective way of protecting your tank and home heating system. This initial cost and the use of subsequent replacement inserts at £14.40 is less than a tank drain costing around £180 or even the £3000 needed for a new boiler. 

Environmentally Friendly 

The TankSponge Eco has also been designed with the environment in mind, with the specially moulded cage being made from 100% recycled plastic and being packaged in 100% recycled cardboard. 


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